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With our dealership network and the collective expertise of the programmers, developers and distributors the SMS Messenger software package is leading the market.  The back up support system allows you 24 hours telephonic and/or online support from any location around the globe throughout any day, week or year.  The SMS Messenger software is constantly adapting and evolving developed around our clients needs and their market realities as well as staying at the cutting edge of new technology.

User friendly

The installation and setup of the SMS Messenger software is simplistic and uncomplicated with step by step instruction.  The SMS Messenger software is developed for and tested, in conjunction with, the end user in mind and remains the simplest and easiest to use package on the market.  Developed to operate on the Microsoft Windows® operating platform, thus allowing for easy communication with the user.  Prompting the user for action or additional information as and when required (If you can read you can operate).

SMS fault history

The program self diagnoses fault or error SMS messages.  This allows the user of the SMS Messenger software to know the status of the message.

SMS sent history

The SMS Messenger program keeps a total history of all SMS message sent, through the out-box, and the SMS messages received, through the in-box.  SMS to be sent through the pending box.

Cost effective

With the right SMS contract, communicating with clients and/or staff can cost as little as 18c a message.

Interfaces with Intelligent Monitoring

The SMS Messenger program can be used as a stand alone unit or it can work together with the Intelligent Monitoring alarm control room monitoring software system.


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