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Computer Specifications

The computer specifications set out below is given as a guide line and is not a absolute minimum requirement.  This specification is only our recommendation for you to get good performance for the SMS Messenger program.

SMS Messenger computer recommendation

The SMS Messenger can be installed on any computer with the following specification as recommendation.

Computer System Requirements

Processor Pentium - 400 Mhz or better

128 Kb Cache memory or more

128 Mb RAM memory or more

17" Color monitor - Resolution 800 by  600 with 16 Bit color(High color) or better

1 Gig or more free Hard disk drive space on the machine

PS/2 Keyboard

PS/2 Mouse - Optical is better

1 Serial Com Ports or more

CD Rom Drive (for software installations and upgrades)

Windows NT4.0 Service Pack 4, Windows 2000 Professional Service Pack 3 or Windows XP Pro

Wavecom SMS modem

Mini Tower Case

Additional Recommendations

Ethernet 10/100M PCI Network UTP card (required for networking more than one computer)

Uninterrupted Power Supply for computers and SMS modem equipment

Sound card and Speakers with volume control (audio notification of incoming SMS messages)

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