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To develop and supply software applications of the highest quality to the security sector of the industry, emphasis on practical and relevant software solutions that is within the scope of all possible users.  We are dedicated to deliver quality support in order to ensure that all our clients have the necessary software tools to enable to provide a excellent service to their clients.

Company Profile

Classic Systems is a young dynamic company and was founded in 2001.  This company is a software development company and holds the total rights to all software products it develops.  The company’s key focus area is the security industry and all products are developed with this focus area in mind.  The company is mostly known for the excellent control room software it produces.

The company may be young but the software package named Intelligent Monitoring has been developed since 1987 in the ever changing security market in South Africa. Developed and programmed by the successful businessman Wolfgang Kirsch, a leader within his community, business, the security industry, as well as the specific programming environment used.  Having started and built a very successful security firm on the West Rand of Gauteng, South Africa over the past sixteen years.  Wolfgang has an intricate knowledge and understanding of the operational environment in and around a emergency control room centre.  With an computer engineering and electronic design and development expertise, along with a vast diversity of related experience and hands on involvement, Wolfgang is considered a leader in his field.

The unquestionable link between levels of service rendered to the subscriber or client and growth levels of any company have prompted the development of this software package.  As the market became more and more competitive and saturated, profit margins became smaller and smaller.  The related management packages could not offer the required systems and procedures needed to remain competitive and to maintain control.  Initially developed for his individual company's needs it soon became evident that there were many control rooms and emergency centres with the same needs.  The software was subsequently supplied to a few of Wolfgang's associates and business friends, the response led to the expanse and further development of the package.

Having over fifty years of combined experience and expertise within the development and support team and under the leadership of Wolfgang Kirsch the current version of this groundbreaking software has been released.

The distribution, installation and training network is established on the following basis - agents are identified and recruited independently from Classic Systems and is limited to a certain demographic area. This enable Classic Systems to render quality service to almost all areas in the world.  Currently a huge effort is made to establish contacts in all markets with a special emphases on emerging markets as these markets reflect a growing security sector and vast opportunities for entrepreneurs.

Classic Systems are dedicated to providing only software of the highest standard to the security industry. We know out of first hand experience what the pitfalls are and what departments in security ultimately uses the most resources, with this software products we are confident that any security company on whatever continent will be able to not only save on all expenses but this software will enable managers and owners to establish control over all areas of business, making them competitive and ultimately empower them to give excellent service while making maximum profit.

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